This session is about you and I.  I will share a bit about what makes me unique but I am more interested to hear about you and what makes you  and your family unique.

Film photography is where it all began for me and I fell in love with it when I was 14.

 I love:

  • listening to music as often as possible

  • going outside before a storm

  • coffee with cayenne pepper

  • dancing while cooking dinner

  • pretending to ice skate in my socks on hard wood floors

  • the wind in my hair in our jeep

  • the smell of firewood

  • karaoke and board games with my family

  • jumping with my kids on the trampoline

I am an award winning child and family photographer and a member of the National Association of Professional Child Photography and Professional Photography Network.

My goal is to show the beauty, grace and innocence of children and families.  I will capture the moments and make them magical for you! Whether you want a magical session or a lifestyle session I promise you will be thrilled with your lifetime of memories. These will look nothing like what you see on all of the cameras people are using today. That's why my clients invest in me year after year.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Warmest Wishes~